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Arbor Poparazzi 144cm - Snowboard für Damen - B...
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The Poparazzi features a lively, comfortable flex, and a user-friendly shape that makes it easy to ride all day long. In building the Poparazzi, we sought to design an affordable snowboard that wouldn't weigh too heavy on your wallet, allowing you to work less and ride more. A step up from the Ethos, the Poparazzi is a women's specific mountain-twin perfect for riders who are just getting into the sport or more seasoned snowboarders looking for Arbor quality at an affordable price point. Features: Snowboard Set: Snowboard Art: All Mountain Snowboard Terrain: Alle Shape: Twin Profil: Negative Vorspannung (Rocker) Flex: 3 (mittel) Fiberglas: Biax Glassing Kanten: 360° Rails Breite: Standard Fahrer Level: Einsteiger Inserts: 2x4x10 Belag: Extrudiert Kern: Single Malt Core Länge: 144 cm Nosebreite: 27.37 cm Mittelbreite: 23.4 cm Tailbreite: 27.37 cm Setback: 0 mm Effektive Kantenlänge: 108.9 cm HerstellerFarbe: khaki/beige Material: Holz, Metall, Kunststoff

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